Explus student luggage shipping delivery in Lucca, Italy


Explus was established in 2014 in the historic center of Lucca: our store is a safe base and a landmark in Lucca, Pisa and Versilia for domestic and international warehousing and shipping involving valuable goods.

From the very beginning we consider our activity, our services as a work of responsibility towards the art world, the private individual and the tourist on vacation in our city: a work of art, an important document, a souvenir, a purchase in a store all have a financial value but above all a human value, and Explus takes care of all goods it ships.

Our staff will take care of all the paperwork and tracking throughout every stage of the item shipping service.


The quality of our shipping service helps ensure a pleasant vacation away from home: tourists visiting our country will not have to worry about space or how to keep valuable purchases and souvenirs, because we will take care of their packages and luggage.

Safe journey

Student luggage

That is why Explus is also an excellent partner for the hotel industry and businesses. By suggesting our domestic and international shipping services, even hotels and local stores can provide better service to their customers, allowing them maximum freedom to purchase and zero concerns throughout the journey.

Always a benchmark for shipping in Lucca

our partnerships

"Artful shipments" for fine art auction houses, art dealers, art galleries, museums and collectionists: graphic design training and the staff's passion for the art world ensure the utmost care in handling domestic and international shipments of paintings, sculptures, statues and works of art, with secure, customized packaging and handling of all required documentation.

Explus is a partner of Lucca Crea Srl

We take care of the internal shipments of the company during the events it organizes and manages, such as “Lucca Comics & Games”: our store remains open during the entire Festival, offering participants the service of goods storage and shipping. In addition, we follow Lucca Crea at the fair with booths dedicated to the related logistics service.

Explus is a partner of Scuola IMT Alti Studi Lucca

Our shipping services are available for internal university users and for Italian and foreign students who need to ship a suitcase, a gift, documents in Italy and abroad.
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