Explus custom packaging in Lucca, Italy


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Compared with simple courier service, Explus offers a complete packaging service, 100% customized to the customer’s needs and 100% safe for transporting valuable items.

Ecological packaging

Packaging Lucca

Material and size of packaging depend on the value, fragility, and destination of the goods being shipped: rely on our in-house staff for consultations, interviews, and inspections of the goods, to be assured of a flawless, accurate, quality shipping service.
  • Each shipment is tailored to the customer’s needs, and Explus takes care of all the required certified material.

Green Packaging

Eco-friendly packaging available in a variety of custom sizes

Explus uses environmentally friendly, biodegradable and recyclable products for its packaging services.At our store at 45 Via Elisa in Lucca, you will find everything you need to pack your packages before shipping them.


Storage and warehouse in Lucca

Our micro-logistics meets the needs of citizens.
  • Extended periods away from home for work?
  • No one able to pick up the incoming package on your behalf?
  • Do you need to ship and receive a large number of packages per week, if not every day?
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your private hub

Explus can be your private hub: choose our store to address your parcels!

We will take care of your orders until your arrival: by subscription, you can arrange and collect your purchases at our office at 45 Via Elisa in Lucca.