The art of shipping it's an art

Excellent service and years of experience in domestic and international shipping

explus protects

Explus ensures high quality packaging, whatever the goods being handled, even and especially valuable items! We have various materials in different sizes for a customized packaging service: from envelope to box, protective and filling packaging as needed.

explus ships

Expedited shipping

Guarded warehousing and domestic and international shipping, with partners in logistics: Explus is the benchmark for tourists and specific sectors that need the utmost care when shipping valuable goods, such as works of art and other exceptionally precious items.

explus takes care of your packages

In Lucca, all-around package packing and shipping

Explus handles all aspects of shipment: dealing with couriers by checking documentation and all the technical-bureaucratic stuff, following the entire transportation process and updating the customer on time at every stage.

Travel carefree

ship securely

Explus shipping companies in Lucca, Italy


for individual

Explus for individual

Explus at 45 Via Elisa in Lucca is the fermopoint store you can trust if you are having trouble receiving and shipping valuable goods, as well as if you need to move particularly bulky loads.


for tourists

Explus for tourists

Explus provides an exclusive service, handling your shopping: you can deposit your purchases at our store or ship them directly to your home, while continuing your carefree journey. We also arrange pickup throughout Tuscany!
Storage and luggage transport


for art

Explus for art

Explus is a trusted and precise partner in Lucca, Pisa and Versilia for "workmanlike" shipments to Italy and the World. We will plan all stages, from pickup to transport, from packing to delivery, while taking all necessary precautions to protect the work.
Explus Art

Are you a private person?

Do you need to ship a gift or document, are you moving? time is tight and you need a quick delivery?Dealing with packing and all the paperwork involved in shipping is a waste of time and an inconvenience for the shipper.

Are you a tourist?

There are still plenty of places to visit on your tour around Italy, but the airplane cargo hold, car trunk, or train luggage rack do not ensure enough space for your purchases or souvenirs, which are likely to be damaged or broken in transit.

Do you work with works of art?

Paintings, sculptures, and pieces of antiques are treasures to be treated with care. Fine art auction houses, antique dealers, art galleries, collectors, and museums need to be sure that a delicate and valuable object arrives intact at its destination.

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what our customers say about us
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I was desperate to find a company to send back some surplus camping gear to Canada and had been passed around several courier companies before I found Explus. They took all my items, packed them, and they all arrived in perfect condition. I recommend Explus for friendly, professional and hassle free service.
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Had been traveling for a few weeks and needed to ship some cold weather clothing and hiking shoes back to Canada. Luckily found EXP+ as we were walking to find the post office. Gaetano was friendly, informative and professional so we left our belongings with him (with no photo record) but a sense of confidence that they would arrive (which they did). Thank you for your help.
Ninja mom
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Gaetano is the best! You can trust him to ship your precious stuff from your travels in Italy! He also has good wines, olive oils, balsamico from the producers in Tuscany direct! 👍🏼🇮🇪😀 From Southern California!
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Very good job Gaetano is very efficient and a real professional He takes time to listen to his customers and to find the best solution Thank you!
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